Yearly Statistical Reports

The statistics section of the Buckhannon Police Department website contains information on monthly and year-to-date reports based on arrest / citation data and officer activity for each officer of the Buckhannon Police Department and for the department as a whole.  The year-to-date records also compare the level of activity with that of the previous year.

Listed below are links for the Buckhannon Police Department Crime Statistics Reports by year.  Please feel free to click on any year to view any report from that year.  All reports are in Adobe PDF format.  You will need a PDF viewer to read the reports.  Adobe Reader is available here. 

2018 Year End Reports

2017 Year End Reports

2017 Warnings

2017 Activity Report

2016 Year End Report

2015 Year End Report

2014 Year End Report

2013 Year End Report

2012 Year End Report

2011 Year End Reports

2011 Activity Detail

2011 Activity Summary

2010 End of Year Reports

2010 Activity Report

2010 Arrest Report

2010 Closed Investigations

2010 Open Investigations

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